What is the difference between gpp and factory unlock iPhones?

We have heard a lot of ads on social media about second hand iPhones but do we really know what’s the pros and cons of gpp and factory unlock iPhones? If you’re not yet sure, check out the difference below before buying online.

GPP iPhones

These are used iPhones that came from other countries like Japan, Hongkong and Singapore. Basically, they don’t have LTE so the highest signal you can get is 3G.  If most of your activity involves fast internet connection, a GPP is not fit for you however you can still do normal data such as Facebook. In other words, this is not perfect for streaming so it’s a big “no no” for movie holic.

Other disadvantage are, you can only use a normal Talk N’ Text  network and the only available models are iPhone 4s, 5c, 5 and 5s.

Alright, let’s stop bullying GPP because they also have advantage. Aside from it’s very competitive price, they are also genuine and most of the seller gives 14 days warranty for you to check the quality of the item.

gpp iphones

Factory Unlock iPhones

From the word itself, these iPhones came from factory and most of the models are available from 4s to the latest one namely 7 plus. Unlike gpp, factory unlock iPhones work on LTE and all network including smart, talk n’ text, globe, sun and TM.

However, these smartphones are pricey compare to the gpp one. Usual price ranges from P20,000 to 70,000 depending on the model you want.

If you’re looking for competitive genuine iPhone models, you can check the Tindahan ni Juan gpp and factory unlock center – they are cheaper than mall price. Happy Shopping!

You can either purchase via local bank transfer or TransferWise if you’re living outside the Philippines. You can also use your PayPal funds as we have PayPal encashment service.

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