PayPal encashment Q&A: Can Paypal send money to a bank instantly?

  • Of course not unless if you’re living in United States. PayPal funds withdrawal usually takes 2-4 business days to fully reflect to your respected banks.  And the fee is a bit terrible if you didn’t choose EON or RCBC.

Most of the freelancer and small business owner who do online works need instant Paypal encashment. But unfortunately, the PayPal card is only available in US. So this question comes to our mind, how to receive money through Paypal within a minute or two? PayEx powered by Tindahan ni Juan offers a service where you can encash paypal funds instantly. But due to scammers alert, they ask a verification process to prove that you’re a real person.

 Things you need to avail on their encash Paypal program?

  • At least 1 valid ID
  • PayPal email address
  • Full Billing Address:
  • Bank account
  • Phone #:
  • Facebook profile link:

For those, who want to know how to get paypal account, just check PayPal blog or ask PayEx PayPal funds encasher so they can walk you through.

Other service we offer aside from PayPal encashment:

Aside from buying PayPal funds, they also sell PayPal penny encase you want to shop or find a cheap flights in the Philippines online. For more information, kindly check the instant Paypal cash FAQ to get started. We’re available 24/7 for wire transfer and ML remittance whilst pick-up are only available at Tagum and Davao area.

Feel free to check the affiliate marketing tips and tricks by BookwormHead as well. This type of business can certainly help you earn PayPal funds passively.

Please coordinate with authorized PayEx members only – we guarantee that you’re money is safe with us

Daryl M.

CFO, PayEx Powered by TJ

PayEx Dude

Virtual Assistant, PayEx Powered by TJ

Aside from instant Paypal cash service, Tindahan ni Juan has other service that can help you boost your confidence.

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  • We offer 3D and 6D eyebrow microblading, lipline and full lip tattoo, nipple and scalp pigmentation. Please go to micro-blading appointment page for booking.